GF = Gluten Free V = Vegan

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Build Your Own


Served on white or whole wheat tortilla. choose brown rice, basmati rice or ancient grain medley as your base. vegan options available.

Bowl (GF)

choose brown rice, basmati rice or ancient grain medley as your base. gluten free. vegan options available.

Plate (GF)

for the hungry. basmati or brown rice, two proteins, two sauces, salad mix, masala fries or ladoo bite and naan. vegan options available.

Choose Your Protein

Chicken (GF)

grilled and marinated in tandoori spices

Steak (GF)

seasoned grilled steak

Shrimp (GF)

marinated in a unique custom blend of Indian spices

Garbanzo Beans (GF) (V)

goan chickpease sautéed

Tofu (GF) (V)

marinated in tandoori spices

Choose Your Sauce

Butter Sauce (GF)

mildly spiced delicious curry sauce

Tikka Masala (GF) (V)

tomato sauce simmered in Indian

Vindaloo – (GF) (V)

zesty goan curry saucespices

Daal – (GF) (V)

lentils enriched with south asian flavours

Choose Your Toppings

  • Cucumbers
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapenos
  • Lettuce
  • Pickled Onions
  • Pickled Cabbage
  • Spiced Corn

Choose Your Chutney

Raita (GF)


Tamarind (GF) (V)


Peach &
Mango (GF) (V)


Green Apple &
Coconut (GF)


Fresh Cilantro (GF) (V)


Red Chilli (GF) (V)


Creamy Habanero (GF)


Signature Salads

Indi-Chicken Salad (GF)

grilled tandoori chicken on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce, red onions, pickled onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and jalapenos topped with cranberry red chilli and raita chutney with a sprinkle of chaat masala. a salad with a kick and packed full of flavour!

Garbanzo Vegan Salad (GF)

flavourful garbanzo beans on a bed of romaine lettuce, ancient grain medley, tomatoes, cucumber, pickled onions, cabbage and cilantro topped with tamarind and fresh cilantro chutney, and a sprinkle of chaat masala. eating clean never tasted so good!


  • Lion Fries

highly addictive! Masala fries topped with butter sauce, pickled onions, cilantro, jalapenos, and creamy habanero chutney.

  • Vegetable Samosa

seasoned potato and assorted vegetables in a flaky pastry.

  • Chicken Samosa

seasoned chicken full of south asian flavours inside a flaky pastry.

  • Samosa Chaat

indian street food snack using chicken or vegetable samosas with your choice of toppings!

  • Chaat Papdi

chaat papdi is a traditional Indian street food snack prepared using crisp fried dough wafers, boiled potatoes, pickled onions, sev (indian food snack), chaat masala, raita, tamarind and fresh cilantro chutney.

  • Pani Puri

delicious Indian street food that has a hollowed out deep-fried crisp crepe filled with flavoured water, boiled potato mix, boondi (indian snack), raita and tamarind chutney.

  • Masala Fries

delicious skinny fries seasoned in masala chaat seasoning served with your choice of chutney

  • Ladoo Bite

yummy snack, healthy dessert, and energy booster. peanut butter, oats, honey, coconut, skor chips and m&m’s.

  • Gulab Jamun

soft dumpings in a sugar syrup.

  • Naan

traditional Indian breaddi (indian snack), raita and tamarind chutney.

Kids Menu

Mini Salad

comes with a small apple or orange juice and a ladoo bite!

Mini Bowl

comes with a small apple or orange juice and a ladoo bite!


Mango Lassi

traditional yogurt based milkshake sweetened with fresh mangoes, agave, and mango pulp

Masala Chai

traditional Indian roadside tea.

Assorted Canned Drinks

Assorted Bottled Drinks

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